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EpiOn has served the Middle and East Tennessee region since 1997, providing cloud hosting, IT support and business-class phone system solutions for organizations with 10-250 employees.  Our clients are small to mid-sized enterprises who make things, fix things, sell things, educate, govern, care for people, save souls, and serve others to better their communities.  For more than 20 years, our goal has been to understand and EmPower our clients' businesses, by helping them truly leverage their technology investment to lower operating costs and drive their own unique missions.

Our customers are typically what we call "technology reliant".  Meaning that they are dependent upon their IT for day to day operations and would literally be out of business without access to their data.  We get it, and pride ourselves on delivering secure, highly reliable environments that are designed from the ground up for security, performance and availability.  When paired with our proactive management and service plan (called EmPower), our clients receive a turnkey IT environment with all of the benefits of an in-house IT environment and staff for a fraction of the cost.

EpiOn's EmPower - Managed IT Service Plan

Technology Alignment

Ongoing review and management of your IT environment for alignment with industry best practices and regulatory compliance requirements.

Business Alignment

Understanding your business and developing long term plans and budgets to align technology to your business goals.

Managed Services

Centralized management of IT solutions with 24x7x365 support to EmPower your users like never before!



EpiOn's Telecom Solutions

Premise Phone Systems

State of the art phone systems designed to lower costs and maximize your productivity.

Cloud Phone Systems

Cost-effective cloud-based solutions for a turn-key telecom experience that marries hardware and carrier service.

CTAP Program

Hardware with unlimited training and support for a fixed monthly fee.  Maximize your investment while eliminating the risk of unforeseen costs and technology obsolescence.


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