ShareFile - Share Big Files

Never face bounce backs again - avoid file-size restrictions when sending big files.

That presentation with all of the images. That video file. Those photos and design files. That accounting file. All of those court documents. That CAD drawing. Those brochures.

What do they have in common? They’re all too big (or too sensitive) to just email. You either face the dreaded bounce back, or worse, an angry recipient with a clogged inbox. With ShareFile, there’s an easier way. You can send large files to anyone, inside or outside your company, with a single message. In fact, you can send up to 100 GB at once - without putting a massive file in someone’s inbox.

Here’s how ShareFile helps you send big files with ease:

1. Share in a familiar way with the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.

      Email is easy. We all know it, and know how to use it. And a lot of us use Outlook for our business emails. With the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you get that familiarity with a perk- you can send big files without any problems (and even send encrypted email). How?

You can copy a secure link to files and paste it in the body of an email.

You can set ShareFile to automatically convert any attachments over a certain size to a ShareFile link.

Or you can select files from your computer or ShareFile account to send as ShareFile links right from the email message.

You can also give others a secure link to send large files back to you with ShareFile even if they aren’t ShareFile customers.

2. Send big files from any web browser on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

      You can send big files or even entire folders to others straight from your ShareFile account online. Your account is accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere as long as you have Internet access, so your files are always with you.

Similarly with the Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you can either send files with a email generated from ShareFile, or you can copy a link to send large files in a variety of ways - IM, personal email, group messaging platform and more.

3. Use the ShareFile Mobile App to share on the go.

      ShareFile offers mobile apps for any iOS, Android and Windows smartphone or tablet, so you can send big files on the go with just a few swipes.

With the ShareFile Mobile App, you get the functionality of ShareFile at your fingertips - large file sharing, file request, access and permissions settings. You can even edit files right within the mobile app so you can work more easily from anywhere.

And that's just one of the many things that you can do with ShareFile. It also offers file sync to keep your files up to date across all your devices, e-signature integration to get your documents signed and secure file transfer capabilities to protect your data. See why thousands of professionals use ShareFile for their business. Try it free today!