Cloud Server

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Cloud-based Virtual Server

Maintaining your own server and IT infrastructure is very costly. With EpiOn's Cloud Server, get exactly what you need without the overhead.

Take your server to the cloud and reclaim your office space while eliminating management and hardware expenses.

Revolutionize your IT

Stop purchasing expensive hardware and eliminate  the worry of managing and maintaining it.

Historically you have been told to “invest” in a server. In reality, you were just prepaying for your projected needs over the next five years. Like most companies, you probably overbought and took on the added cost of IT management only to see your needs change along the way.

EpiOn IT simplifies your world by replacing this “investment mindset” with a “utility mindset”. Instead of asking you to guess what your IT needs might be years from now, EpiOn IT turns the Server into an operating expense much like your electricity, phone or Internet service. 

Quickly add or remove capacity at any time. Pay only for what you need with no long term commitment. And you can forget about hardware, licenses, patches, software updates, and management. Cloud Server includes all of that in a simple, flexible and scalable solution.

Outsource your Infrastructure

Cloud Server replaces your in-house server with a high availability, secure solution that you can trust.

Every component is designed for reliability with an “N+1 architecture”.  That means there is a hot stand-by component online and ready to assume the workload should another component fail. That’s 99.9% uptime you can count on.

Also know that we take security very seriously. With enterprise network security and strong physical controls, we are fully compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI and GLBA.

Continuous Data Protection

Never worry about data backup again while achieving virtually instant recovery.

Your data is extremely valuable but do you really have a good backup? When was the last time you tested it? Most companies that suffer a major data loss go out of business within a year.

Cloud Server is protected with our Safe Backup.  Your data is continuously backed up in real time 24x7. We can instantly restore your data to any given point in time for up to a week. In addition, we store seven daily and five weekly snapshots in three secure, geographically diverse locations to ensure that your data is always recoverable.

Business Computing

Easily access files and applications from anywhere— flexible, mobile, and always on.

Access common applications like Microsoft Office, and Outlook as well as the line of business applications that you use to run your operations such as your accountinGoogle Workspace and CRM tools. In other words, it’s your curent IT environment with all of its functionality but hosted in our cloud. 

EpiOn's Cloud also empowers you to access your files and applications from anywhere. It’s perfect for businesses with multiple offices or employees who need to work from home or the road.