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Service Desk

A responsive, end user help desk that minimizes downtime and answers friendly "how to" questions.

The EmPower program is fundamentally a “proactive” approach to IT management via our Alignment and Managed Services processes. Our goal is to absolutely minimize the chance that your users need to call for support. Unfortunately, no matter how immaculate the network design, something will eventually go wrong or users will have a question - that’s where the Service Desk comes into play.

Responsive Support

When your technology isn’t working, neither is your staff. If a handheld won’t sync, a computer isn’t functioning, or a printer cannot print – your employees need help now! That’s why EmPower includes unlimited access* to our end user Service Desk. Users’ calls are answered by a US-based technician who is familiar with your network. The average hold time is measured in seconds and we resolve the vast majority of requests in less than 15 minutes. In the event that you need support after hours, our engineers are on call 24/7 and are always ready to help – especially when you need us most.

Onsite Support

While most user support requests can be accomplished remotely, sometimes you just need someone to come onsite to resolve more complex issues. Have no fear, your EmPower support plan includes onsite support at no additional charge. Depending on the nature of the situation, we will either dispatch in real time (to solve crisis issues) or work with you to schedule a convenient time (for less serious issues).

How-to Questions

How often do your users struggle to figure out a technical issue on their own? Often, if they can get a quick answer to a question, their productivity will soar. For that reason, the Service Desk is also there to help answer any “how-to” questions your users might have. The questions might be related to a common software or hardware issue such as:

  • How to accomplish a task in Microsoft Excel, or
  • How to adjust their default printer settings in Windows, or
  • How to setup their work e-mail on their mobile device.

The questions might even be specific to your line of business software. Just to be clear, we aren’t professing to be experts in every application. However, if you maintain a support agreement with the underlying software vendor, we will support your users in their use of the application. Over time, we will develop an expertise in your software and be able to answer your users’ questions. When we can’t, we will engage with your software vendor to figure out the answer and then close the loop with your user.


* To learn more about the Unlimited Support options included as a part of the Service Desk, use the form at the right or call us at (931) 526-3742.