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Managed LAN

The foundation of a secure, high performance network

Managed LAN is a “hardware as a service” (HaaS) solution that delivers higher levels of network security and performance through advanced technology, configuration and management.

Unified Local Area Network (LAN) Management

We start with a “unified” hardware platform – meaning that the firewall, switch(es), and wi-fi access point(s) all come from the same manufacturer. They share a common, cloud-based, management platform. Policies and permissions from one part of the network seamlessly flow through to the other components of the network (or even to other sites).

Advanced Security

One of the first steps in the CIS Security Framework standard is controlling and managing the devices that have access to your LAN. No one should be able to just plug in a device or enter a wi-fi passcode and gain access to your network.

With Managed LAN we start by creating virtual layers (or VLANS) within your network. Devices are then managed and assigned to these VLANS based upon their role and the needs of the user. Guests and unknown devices are either quarantined or granted guest level, Internet-only access.

Known devices and users are authenticated and granted access to the various layers of your secure internal network. There will be one layer for devices that just need internet access. Another layer for users who might need access to a file server or line of business application. You might even have a “high security” layer with files and applications that only certain people and devices can access (i.e. owners, accounting, etc.).

Even remote connections are more secure with Managed LAN’s integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution.

Improved Performance

Managed LAN also delivers improved performance over traditional LAN solutions. Our unified platform gives us a comprehensive view of network activity and traffic. We can trace bandwidth utilization to specific users, devices, and applications. If the network experiences a slow down or bottle neck, we can instantly identify the source and remotely resolve the issue.

As your company ramps up its utilization of “the cloud”, Managed LAN also monitors the availability, quality and performance of your Internet connection. We can even “shape” your Internet bandwidth by prioritizing traffic in and out to ensure that mission critical applications receive the best performance.

Next Level Security

Combine Managed LAN with EpiOn’s SOC and SIEM solutions for even higher levels of security. EpiOn’s SOC (Security Operations Center) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) are add-on services that monitor your network and devices for signs of a security breach, log activity for further analysis, and generates alerts for further response by our team.

When IT Matters

If your data network is mission critical to the operation of your organization, you need establish a secure, reliable, high performance network as the foundation of your IT operations. To learn more about Managed LAN, use the form at the right or call us at (931) 526-3742.