What happens if I need to add some additional stations or applications in a couple of years?

Under the C-TAP program we simply add the additional stations and there is no change in your monthly payment. We simply ask that you extend the term of our relationship by a little to help us recover that cost. The bottom line is that you can add the technology you need without impacting your monthly budget.

Everyone else is showing me a cash price for their system. What will your system cost?

We need to clarify if you are asking about "price" or "cost". Our competitors may be showing you their "price" for a system, but that doesn't really represent what that system will truly cost you over its useful life. How much will they charge you for unlimited moves, adds, and changes to the system? How much will they charge you for unlimited training? How much will they charge you for unlimited repairs to the system, or software updates, or preventative maintenance work, or carrier support issues? The reality is that their "price" is usually less than half of the total cost of owning that system. C-TAP on the other hand is designed to give you a true fixed-cost of ownership for this system for the next 5 years. We can promise you that if you ask them to quote on an apples to apples basis, we are the lowest cost provider of technology in the market.

What does "unlimited" mean when you say unlimited training, unlimited support, etc.?

Just what you think it means. We will provide you with all of the support you need in term s of maintaining, making programming changes, and training your users. Your business will evolve over the next 5 years and we make sure that the system evolves with you to maximize its effectiveness for your business.

What happens at the end of the term for the agreement? Who owns the system?

We answer that question with a question. What do you want to happen? Technology is changing faster than ever. In 5 years, today's phone systems will seem obsolete when compared to what will be available then. If you want to continue the C-TAP program, we will come in and replace your system and upgrade you again. If you would prefer to own the system after 5 years, we can do that as well (note that this does change the tax implications of the C-TAP program and you may want your financial advisor to help make that decision).

Is C-TAP really just a fancy lease?

Not really. C-TAP is a technology solution where we provide the hardware and service needed to create a state of the art communications system that is finely tuned to your unique business environment. Think of it like a cellular phone plan. With a cellular system, you often receive the phone for free or for a nominal fee and what you really need and are paying for is the service plan that goes with that phone. After a period of time, you expect to be able to get a new phone and continue in your service relationship. This is precisely how the C-TAP program works.

How will C-TAP appear on our financial statements?

You will need to check with your financial advisors, but most organizations are able to treat the C-TAP program as an "operating lease". That means that they can expense it in total each month and it does not need to appear as an obligation on the balance sheet.

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