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Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud offers unlimited on-demand resources that scale easily and eliminates the need for expensive IT investments.

Secure Cloud is EpiOn's "standard" cloud hosting environment. This is "infrastructure as a service" (or IaaS) at it's finest. From here you access your virtual servers, virtual desktops, cloud storage, and application environments from anywhere at anytime.

Cost Effective Scale

On-demand resources with no commitment.  Scale up or down at any time.

EpiOn's Secure Cloud is by far our most popular and common cloud computing environment.  With Secure Cloud you get access to unlimited on-demand resources which allows you to eliminate expensive hardware investments and scale quickly and easily as the needs of your business change.  So, we are talking about your virtual networks, virtual servers, virtual desktops, and data storage all running in your own private, secure, high-performance environment.

Secure Public Cloud

Layers of enterprise-grade security.  Managed, monitored and maintained to protect your data.

For those that are technically inclined, Secure Cloud is a "public cloud" solution. That doesn't imply that the public has access to your environment, it just means that we are hosting your environment on a hardware platform that is also used to host other clients as well.  Each client is COMPLETELY isolated but by sharing the high-availability hardware platform across multiple clients we can offer a better, more reliable solution, at a lower cost than what any one client could achieve on their own.

Turnkey - Or - Self-Managed (Your Choice)

Leverage the strength of our team or manage your own environment.  Your Choice!

With Secure Cloud, you can have as much or as little control over the environment as you desire. Your team can configure and scale resources on-demand or we are happy to manage the entire solution for you.


Increased Comput Increased Comput 1  Reduced TCO  High Availability 
 Increased Compute & Storage Capacity (On-Demand)  Meets ALL Major Regulatory Compliance  Reduce Total Cost of Ownership  High Availability & Disaster Recovery