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IT Staffing Solutions

Enhance your exising IT support staff with Co-Managed IT 

In many mid-sized organizations, we see three seperate and distinct roles with respect to IT support:  Network Operations, Service Desk, and Strategic Applications Support. Network Operations focuses on managing the health of the "infrastructure" side of IT such as the network, servers, and desktops along with their various operating systems and common applications. The Service Desk focuses on supporting end users by answering their questions and resolving their technology issues in a timely manner so that they remain productive. Last, the Strategic Applications Support role focuses on your core line of business applications and making sure that you maximize your return on investment in that technology.

When you were smaller, and less reliant on your IT, one in-house staff member could easily fulfill all three roles. Sure, occasionally, one role would take priority over the others depending on who screamed loudest. However, as you've grown, we would bet that your Strategic Applications Support role all too often has to take a back seat to the other roles as your staff fights the daily fires of IT management.  That's a shame because its the Strategic Applications (i.e. CRM, EMR, ERP, Estimating, etc.) that really have the potential to drive your business forward and help you create a sustainable competitive advantage. You need your in-house IT staff to be focused on data analyisis, reporting, key performance indicators, and aligning business processes with software capabilities. Co-managed IT from EpiOn frees your in-house staff from the Network Operations and Service Desk tasks so that they can focus on the more strategic pieces. 

Improve Your Business Operations

Scalable, Co-managed IT creates options.

Technology support is a field that requires vast amounts of knowledge and that knowledge only comes from experience. In-house staff are often limited in their knowledge based upon your historical technology environment and "the way things have always been done".  With co-managed IT, EpiOn delivers an entire team of IT professionals with decades of experience supporting thousands of users across hundreds of companies. By implementing EpiOn's EmPower program - a structured, process-driven approach to IT management - EpiOn prevents problems and respond quickly when users need help. In short, we lower the risk of technology ownership while simultaneously improving employee productivity. Best of all, we do all of this in partnership with your in-house IT staff. 

Co-managed IT is all about empowering your existing in-house staff so that they can focus on the strategic parts of your business. As they become more focused on the strategic applications, you should start to see process improvements and efficiencies across all of your operations. You should be able to run the business better as you receive new reports, develop new key performance indicators, and gain access to data you've only dreamed about up till now. In short, you will finally be able to fulfill the original promise of information technology and create a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.

Reliability and Accessibility

Co-managed IT delivers a secure, reliable, and easy to use IT environment.

EpiOn's Empower program starts with a process called Alignment.  We implement ongoing processes and make adjustments in the configuration of your IT to align your environment with industry best practices, with manufacturer recommendations and with any regulatory or compliance requirements you might need to address.  We also work closely with you from an infrastructure perspective to make sure that the environment aligns with your business goals and growth expectations. Through the Alignment process we limit the opportunity for issues to occur.  

EmPower also includes a complete "stack" of IT tools that allow us to monitor, manage, maintain and secure your environment under the Managed Servcies portion of our process. We actively monitor your environment for signs of outages as well as performance and capacity issues. We proactively perform preventative maintenance, apply patches, and educate users on security best practices.  Again, our goal is to spend more time preventing issues than actually solving issues after the fact.

Last, EmPower includes our end user Service Desk.  The Service Desk is only a call, chat, or e-mail away and stands ready to answer "how to" questions or respond to technical emergencies. EpiOn's Co-managed IT provides the availability to dedicated IT professionals that mitigate downtime-causing circumstances, whether your in-house IT staff is absent from the office, or not. In this way, EpiOn provides your staff powerful support options when their technology is on the fritz.

Cost-Efficient and Predictable

Cut your technology support costs with EpiOn's co-managed IT

You already know that co-managed IT is like hiring new personnel, but it comes without the hefty operational expense that are associated with hiring new staff. Our services are scalable and is delivered at an affordable flat rate, making them ideal for just about any budget.

Unlike your typical break-fix IT, our co-managed IT solutions are designed to help you save money in the long run through preventative measures. We’ll help your business get its technology issues resolved the first time, which in turn saves you more money on costly repair bills or replacement fees.

Get the Support You Need with Co-Managed IT

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EpiOn's co-managed IT solutions are designed to help your in-house IT staff achieve maximum operations without going all-in on a hefty new salary. You’ll gain access to skilled professionals who are trained to deliver quality service at an affordable rate. For more information about our co-managed IT solutions, give us a call at (931) 526-3742.