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Co-Managed IT

Leverage your internal IT team for measurably better results

Co-Managed IT is ideal for larger organizations or when IT represents a core competency in your business model. Focus your internal team on data analytics, business process automation, software development, and line-of-business software support. EpiOn takes responsibility for infrastructure security and management via the Measurably Better IT Framework.

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Boost your internal IT team with Co-Managed IT IT investment

 Understand your IT roadblocks
  Get a custom roadmap for success
  Access clear metrics and reporting
  Experience stress free IT

Co-Managed IT services for a secure, reliable, and productive IT environment

With Co-Managed, EpiOn partners with your internal IT team to form one cohesive department. We deliver an entire team of IT professionals and the tools, technology, and processes for a fixed monthly fee leading to a secure, reliable, and productive IT environment. The MBIT Framework and Scorecard become a shared management blueprint between you and the entire IT team.

The Three-Part Co-Managed Program

A methodical approach that enables both you and your team to leverage technology to unprecedented levels

Technical Assessments

Get quarterly assessments against the Framework by your dedicated Technical Alignment Manager and your Quarterly MBIT Scorecards.

Business Alignment

Your dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) hosts quarterly meetings to align your IT and business strategy and assess your technology roadmap. 

Centralized Services

Includes tools such as: managed threat detection, security awareness training, password management system, web content filtering, and much more

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A comprehensive approach to cybersecurity with EpiOn's Co-Managed IT services

We understand that not all organizations require the same level of cybersecurity services. That's why our Co-Managed IT Services meet the "basic cyber hygiene" requirements of IG1, which typically meet the needs of most insurance companies and non-defense regulatory agencies. For those who need more advanced security services, we offer our Cerberus Advanced Security solutions as an addendum to Co-Managed.

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What is the agreement term for Co-Managed?

We offer flexible terms ranging from month-to-month, one year, or three years with a 6-month test drive option. The best pricing comes with longer commitments.  Our full terms and conditions are always posted online and can be accessed here: 

Do you have experience in my industry?

Probably. Since 1997 EpiOn has worked with hundreds of companies across many industries. We have depth in healthcare, manufacturing, construction, professional services, and nonprofits but have worked with entrepreneurs, generational businesses, partnerships, and boards of all stripes. 

Do you have local technicians in my market?

We get why you might ask. Historically, you might have often needed onsite support. However, once we implement the MBIT Framework with a client, the need for onsite support dramatically diminishes. Only 5-10% of support requests will require onsite support – and even then, it will rarely be for anything critical. When that occurs, EpiOn can quickly put boots on the ground almost anywhere in North America.

How quickly do you resolve service requests?

Service requests can be submitted via the customer portal, email, chat, or phone based on the urgency of the request. For the fastest response, call. Requests are live-answered during regular business hours by our Tennessee-based team. Most requests are resolved within minutes, and we strive to resolve every request within the same business day.

What’s not included in Co-Managed?

Co-Managed does not include the following: hardware, or add-on solutions such as cloud hosting, Office 365, Voice-over IP, or Hardware as a Service. Project labor for new system setup or systems upgrades will be quoted via your Roadmap as needed. Also. in a co-managed model, your internal IT team retains responsibility for day-to-day end-user support. EpiOn provides Level 2 and 3 support to your internal IT team.

Can we use our own tools (e.g., antivirus software)?

Unfortunately, no. EpiOn has developed deep integration between the Co-Managed service's tools, systems, and processes. The tools are a part of the service. But this does mean that you will no longer have the expense of maintaining your subscriptions to things such as antivirus software. In addition, we are happy to give your internal team access to resources such as our ticketing system to ensure that we are all operating from the same environment.

Do you offer a co-managed helpdesk service?

We do this as part of our EmPower service plan. Functionally, the primary difference between our Co-Managed service and the EmPower service is that EmPower includes the Helpdesk service. We do not offer Helpdesk service apart from the EmPower plan.

Will I have to upgrade or replace a bunch of equipment?

It all depends on the age and health of your current systems. Co-Managed requires that devices meet specific requirements, such as under five years old; being under manufacturer warranty; running an enterprise operating system; etc. If you have non-compliant systems, we will help you put them on your Roadmap to replace them as needed over time.

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