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Secure file sharing for your business from EpiOn ShareFile

A better way to securely transfer files

  • Get industry-leading encryption to protect your emails and attachments
  • Keep files secure in storage and during transfers
  • Use customizable security settings to control who can see and access your files
  • Trust state-of-the-art data centers for secure sharing and storage


Boost client and internal confidence with secure file sharing

We all share files with people inside and outside of our company on a daily basis -- it's the nature of the modern working world. And while we know it's important to protect our data or our clients' data, we just aren't sure what to look for in a secure file sharing and transfer solution.

Secure file sharing is more than just password protection and private email servers -- you need to consider how and where the files are stored, how they're protected and how safe they are when you hit 'Send'.

Here are a few ways EpiOn's ShareFile meets your security needs:

1.  Compliance support

  • Get support for your compliance with regulations and guidelines that can affect your industry, including HIPAA, HITECT, FINRA, CFPB, bar association ethics and rules

2.  Encryption for files and email

  • Secure files during transfer with SSL/TLS encryption protocols and in storage using AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Send files and emails via Microsoft Outlook with encryption for the entire email, both the message itself and any attachments.
  • Give a way for your customers, clients, vendors and others to securely send files or emails back to you via a secure upload link even if they aren’t ShareFile customers themselves.

3.  State-of-the-art data centers

  • Keep your files safe using SSAE 16 certified data centers, proven and trusted cloud infrastructure.

4.  Customizable controls and permissions settings

  • Use workflow audit trails, configurable permissions and intuitive reporting tools to get insight into and control over who is accessing data and when.
  • Add layers of protection to your account with two-step verification for account log ins.

5.  Secure desktop and mobile tools

  • Use ShareFile Sync or the ShareFile Desktop App to share files right from your desktop ⎯ you never have to open a browser to securely send files within or outside of your company.

Frequently asked questions about secure file sharing and transfers:

What is secure file sharing?

Truly secure services, including ShareFile, use encryption protocols for sharing and storing files on secure data centers, or the cloud. A good secure file transfer software will have plenty of customizable features to allow you to add as much protection to your data as you need without making the way you work any more difficult.

Why would I need secure file sharing?

A lot of industries, such as Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Financial, Accounting and others, are regulated at a Federal, State or industry level by institutions and laws, including HIPPA, HITECH, FINRA, CFBP, state bar association ethics guidelines and more.

But legal requirements aren’t the only reason a business should consider using a service like ShareFile. Businesses that handle customer or client data should consider their reputation and the damage that could happen as the result of a data breach if they aren’t using a secure solution to protect files where they’re stored and when they’re shared.

How safe are online file sharing sites?

You can trust online file sharing services that utilize advanced encryption methods to store and send your files. To select a safe online file sharing site, look for one that protects documents with SSL/TLS encryption protocols and uses multi-factor authentication. If you need to share files and are in a regulated industry, choose a file sharing service that supports your particular compliance requirements, such as HIPAA or FINRA.

How can I get started using a secure file sharing service?

EpiOn offers a 30-day, no obligation, free trial of ShareFile for any business looking to test the waters. We even offer a personalized demonstration if you would like to see some of the most-used features by other companies in your industry.

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