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Why EpiOn Stands Out as a Premier Managed Service Provider

In the competitive landscape of IT services, distinguishing oneself as a leader is no small feat. EpiOn has not only achieved this but has consistently proven to be a luminary in the field for over 25 years. Based in Tennessee, EpiOn has earned a reputation that extends well beyond the Southeast, marking its presence globally among IT service firms. The accolades and recognition it has garnered over the years are not merely numbers but a testament to its excellence and commitment to quality service.


A Tradition of Excellence

Each year, the Channel Futures MSP 501 list ranks the crème de la crème of managed service providers (MSPs) globally. Among 150,000 similar firms, EpiOn has proudly secured the 77th spot worldwide. This remarkable achievement places EpiOn as the 3rd leading MSP in the Southeast and the unequivocal leader in Tennessee. While the numbers are impressive, they serve as an indicator of EpiOn's industry maturity and the high esteem in which its peers hold it.

The Pillars of EpiOn's Success

EpiOn's consistent ranking as a top MSP is no coincidence. It is the result of excelling across multiple criteria that are essential for any leading IT service firm:

  • Business Health: EpiOn thrives as a beacon of business health, showcasing stellar revenue growth, a robust balance sheet, and remarkable employee longevity. This financial and operational stability is foundational to its success and reliability as a service provider.

  • Customer Satisfaction: At the heart of EpiOn's success are extremely high customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter scores (NPS). These are not just metrics but a reflection of EpiOn's commitment to its clients, evidenced by unparalleled long-term customer retention rates.

  • Service Maturity: Understanding the diverse needs of small and mid-sized companies, EpiOn offers a comprehensive and robust suite of IT services. From managed IT services to advanced cybersecurity solutions, EpiOn tailors its offerings to meet and exceed the expectations of its clientele.

  • Cybersecurity Maturity: In an era where cybersecurity is of paramount importance, EpiOn has distinguished itself with superior cybersecurity practices. Its internal cybersecurity measures are independently reviewed and consistently outperform most industry peers, ensuring that clients are safer under EpiOn's watch.

  • Business Process Maturity: EpiOn's operational excellence is underpinned by solid, repeatable processes. These processes ensure consistent, high-quality client outcomes, epitomizing EpiOn's dedication to reliability and excellence.

A Global Network of Knowledge Sharing

What sets EpiOn apart from the competition is not just its service offerings or its operational metrics but its commitment to continuous improvement and knowledge sharing. EpiOn actively participates in a global network of the top-managed service providers, engaging weekly with peers from London to Los Angeles, Canada to Cocoa Beach. These interactions are a conduit for sharing performance metrics, best practices, and security alerts, all of which are integral to refining and enhancing the services EpiOn offers to its clients.

This global exchange of knowledge ensures that EpiOn is not just keeping pace with the latest trends and technologies but is often ahead of the curve, leading the way in innovation and service excellence. This collaborative spirit underscores EpiOn's philosophy that the best service providers are those who are learning, evolving, and adapting in tandem with the rapidly changing IT landscape.

In Good Hands with EpiOn

Choosing EpiOn as your managed service provider means entrusting your IT needs to a firm that is not only recognized for its excellence but is also deeply committed to delivering quality service. EpiOn's accolades and industry rankings speak volumes about its capability and reliability. However, it's the underlying commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and cybersecurity that truly sets EpiOn apart.

For businesses in Tennessee and beyond, EpiOn represents a partnership that goes beyond the typical client-service provider relationship. It is a commitment to excellence, security, and innovation. EpiOn doesn’t just offer IT services; it delivers peace of mind, knowing that your business is supported by one of the top ranked MSPs globally.

A Forward-Looking Partnership

As EpiOn looks to the future, it continues to build on its foundation of excellence, seeking new ways to serve its clients better and to remain at the forefront of the IT services industry. For any organization considering a relationship with EpiOn, the message is clear: you are not just selecting an MSP; you are choosing a partner committed to your success, security, and satisfaction.

In a world where IT services are not just about technology but about enabling business success, EpiOn stands out as a beacon of excellence. It's not just their rank in a list that makes them exceptional; it's their unwavering dedication to their clients, their industry-leading best practices, and their foresight in navigating the complexities of the IT landscape. With EpiOn, you are indeed in good hands.