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Why EpiOn is the Best Choice for Law Firms

The legal industry is undergoing a significant technology transformation due to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. This shift presents both opportunities for increased productivity and risks to IT security and reliability. 

To navigate this, firms must develop a unified “tech stack” of interconnected systems while safeguarding client confidentiality and data security. Many firms are now relying on an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), such as EpiOn, for security, strategic guidance, and support.

But how do you choose the best MSP for your law firm? Beyond having a comprehensive understanding of the legal industry, the right MSP will actively work to create the best IT operations for your unique practice.


What to Look for When Choosing An MSP 

The right MSP for your firm will not only provide outstanding IT security and support, but they will also help you navigate the turbulent waters of this technology transformation.

  • Industry Knowledge: They understand your firm's challenges and know the key legal software providers, allowing them to offer clear insights for your technology strategy.
  • Outcomes Focused: They focus on real business outcomes – helping you leverage technology to improve productivity and create a competitive advantage while also managing the risks associated with IT.
  • Responsive: They understand that time is money for your team and can respond quickly when questions or issues arise, but they also work hard to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

Why EpiOn is the Best Choice for the Legal Industry

1. Legal IT Solutions Tailored to Your Law Firm

By delivering IT services tailored specifically to the legal industry, EpiOn provides unmatched expertise and focused customer support. Our active engagement with clients, legal associations, and industry conferences allows us to bring strategic insights to bear in your firm’s IT management. 

EpiOn's deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by law firms allows us to create customized solutions to meet your precise needs. We are certified partners for several leading legal platforms (e.g., Clio, Caret, Filevine, NetDocuments, etc.). This specialized approach ensures that EpiOn offers the most effective and efficient IT services for legal professionals.


2. Vigilant Security for Your Firm’s Reputation & Your Clients’ Data

Cybersecurity is a major concern for all law firms. Cyber theft, ransomware attacks, and data breaches can compromise client confidentiality, damage your reputation, and lead to significant financial losses. The need for advanced security measures to protect against these threats is paramount. 

EpiOn is a “security-first” MSP offering a robust suite of cybersecurity services designed to protect legal firms from evolving threats. From advanced threat detection to proactive security measures, EpiOn ensures your data remains secure. And that’s not just our opinion, EpiOn holds an AICPA SOC2 certification that annually audits and validates our security and controls process.

EpiOn’s IT management includes comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions. These services ensure that your firm can recover quickly from disruptions, maintaining business continuity and safeguarding client information.


3. Customized and Consistent Compliance

Legal professionals must adhere to a plethora of compliance regulations, including data privacy laws and client confidentiality mandates. Non-compliance can result in severe penalties, tarnish reputations, and lead to lost business. Managing compliance efficiently requires robust IT systems that can adapt to changing laws and ensure ongoing adherence.

Understanding the unique compliance needs of law firms, EpiOn offers tailored compliance management solutions to manage and maintain compliance efficiently. This includes regular audits, documentation, and alignment with industry standards.


4. You’re Always One Step Ahead: Optimizing Operational Efficiency

Legal professionals often juggle multiple tasks that require efficient systems to manage case files, client communications, and internal processes. Technology is constantly evolving, which means there’s always ways to optimize your law firm’s productivity and efficiency. On the other hand, if law firms aren’t up to date they lose a competitive advantage and hinder their business growth. 

EpiOn’s robust IT systems and collaborative framework ensure legal firms consistently have the most up-to-date and efficient tech for their business operations. EpiOn's Measurably Better IT Solutions framework serves to create a clear understanding of legal operations and top priorities. By pairing this framework with EpiOn’s research on the latest advancements in legal technology, your law firm can constantly streamline operations without disrupting productivity.


What is The Measurably Better IT Framework?

Effective communication and transparent reporting goes beyond assurance, it’s an essential part of driving innovation, boosting productivity, and improving IT operations in your law firm

EpiOn's Measurably Better IT™ Management Framework focuses on achieving specific business outcomes through structured IT management. This framework provides clear metrics and a shared definition of success, ensuring all IT practices align with the firm's strategic goals. 

At its core, the Measurably Better IT framework ensures…

  • Continuous Improvement: Through the Measurably Better IT™ Scorecard, EpiOn continuously evaluates and improves IT performance. This ongoing assessment ensures that your IT environment adapts to new challenges and opportunities, keeping your firm ahead of the curve.
  • Ease of Use: EpiOn's solutions are user-friendly and designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems. This ensures minimal disruption to daily operations while providing enhanced functionality and efficiency.
  • Innovation Driven by Collaboration: EpiOn fosters a sense of community among its clients by offering opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. This helps law firms stay informed about the latest trends and up-to-date on best practices in legal technology.

EpiOn stands out as the best choice for law firms and legal professionals seeking reliable, efficient, and innovative IT solutions. By addressing the unique challenges of the legal industry with tailored services and unparalleled expertise, EpiOn empowers legal professionals to achieve more through technology. Our high-maturity MSP focuses on delivering Measurably Better IT in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and points in between. Our approach is built around the Measurably Better ITTM Framework that empowers innovative legal professionals and other business leaders with simple metrics to help reduce risk, increase security, improve productivity, and fully leverage their IT investment. We believe that IT should be all about helping you achieve your goals that are specific to the legal industry and your law firm with clear metrics and a shared definition of success.